The city of Dubrovnik (Latin: Ragusa) was built on maritime trade. In the Middle Ages it became the only city-state in the Adriatic to rival Venice. Supported by its wealth and skilled diplomacy, the city achieved a remarkable level of development during the 15th and 16th centuries. Furthermore, Dubrovnik was … Opširnije

In the central part of Croatian Adriatic Sea, about 15 km to the west from the city of Šibenik, 7 km to the southwest from the island of Murter, or 15 km to the south from the city of Zadar, there is amazing group of islands named Kornati archipelago. Beauty … Opširnije

National par Krka covers the area along the flow of river Krka, which springs three kilometers northeast of Knin and it passes through the deep and vivid 75 km long canyon forming deafening falls – Krčić, Risnjak, Miljacka, the Roški slap Falls (26) and the famous Skradinski buk Falls (the … Opširnije

Island Brac, the largest island of the central Dalmatian group of islands, the third largest among the Adriatic islands; area 394.57 sq km; population 13,824. It is separated from the mainland by the Brac Channel, from the island of Solta by the so-called Splitska Vrata (Split Gate) and from the … Opširnije

This is outing for all those who like and want to change our accommodation and to enjoy the beauties and pleasantness offered by the sea and the sunshine. If you don`t want to rent our boat, we sail to one of numerous beautiful coves to spend several unforgetable hours swimming … Opširnije

Over the years people questioned the visionaries of Medjugorje about Our Lady’s appearance, but the most successful inquirer by far was the author, Fr. Janko Bubalo, a Franciscan of the Hercegovinian province. He had followed the events associated with the apparitions from the beginning. For a number of years he … Opširnije

Nowadays, The Plitvice Lakes lie on one of the most important traffic routes in Croatia. In this “Devil’s Garden”, nature gave man a completely different garden: a garden of magnificent phenomena of nature. Already in 1949, were the Plitvice Lakes given a permanent status of a National Park. In 1979 … Opširnije

Split is the economic and administrative center of Middle Dalmatia, with about 200,000 inhabitants. The site was first settled when, at the end of the third century AD, the Roman Emperor Diocletian built his palace here. Many of Split’s historical and cultural buildings can be found within the walls of … Opširnije

A 3-4 hour adventure on the river Cetina with experienced skipper, could make your vacation unforgettable. Children aged 10 and up can also participate but only if accompanied by their parents. Rafting on the river Cetina lasts for about 3-4 hours on a 9 km long route which ends in … Opširnije